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  • Noctosphere 6

    Feel free to ask me (Noctosphere) thing

    Notice the lack of S at thing Limit of one thing per person :)
  • sks316 23

    Feel free to ask me (sks316) things

    May as well, I've got nothing better to do. Just, please, try not to make it too personal. I also have a page on Curious Cat if you'd prefer to ask anonymously.
  • Idontknowwhattoputhere 0

    Feel Free To ask me (Idontknowwhatoputhere) Things

    I can't guarentee a coherent response, but you're welcome to ask questions.
  • The Real Jdbye 6

    Feel free to ask me (Jdbye) things

    Sure why not.
  • NancyDS 10

    Is an Xbox emulator for Wii U possible?

    I do not mean the Xbox 360, but the first Xbox. You have dreamed of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your Wii U, you will need an Xbox emulator to play these 2 mythical games on your Wii U. You think that the 2 games are the best ones that were released...
  • NancyDS 12

    If we hacked Watch Dogs for Wii U, can we create Watch Dogs 2 for Wii U?

    Since Watch Dogs 2 did not release for Wii U or for PS3 and Xbox 360, but for PS4, Xbox One and PC because the sales of Watch Dogs in the PS4 version, Xbox One and PC version were very good, but sales of the Wii U version, PS3 and Xbox 360 version were terrible and discarded the Wii U version,...
  • Yan3 0

    mpow steambot - cool tech 1

    For this first one I will present you my mpow steambot. It is a really cool tech that I use everyday. It serves as a bluetooth transmitter and reicever, which is really useful. [SPOILER] I use it mainly with my tv, because it has an audio out so if I play on a console I use it to not disturb...
  • Adran_Marit 10

    Rest easy Oppy

    Valentines Day in Australia while it is still the 13th of February in America from 2019 onwards marks a sad day in history For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the Mars rover Opportunity, who on this day, was officially retired/killed as the result of a...
  • Zhongtiao1 13

    Thinking of doing a challenge, need your advice

    I am a relatively stupid individual, so I somehow thought it would be a good idea to challenge myself to use a different phone for at least a week. Phones I have shortlisted as possible candidates: Palm Centro Blackberry 9720 HP Veer Nokia Asha 503 Random Hello Kitty flip phone I found on...
  • gameboy 0

    Happy Valentine's Day

    [MEDIA] I send you down my love tonight On a dream that I can hold you near Will the message in your eyes Take shape and crystallize Or will you disappear That feeling when you sigh I could not want you more Ah , so close and yet so far And you know it's where we are And the moment I have...
  • Noeyedeer 2

    Formatted hacked 3ds

    So I decided to hack my “new” 3ds and I have it to this store who also installed a bunch of games onto there and about a year later, I decided to return it to stock firmware because I wanted my things to be legitimate so my dad formatted my 3ds without knowing that we had to uninstall the cfw...
  • gameboy 31

    I Dropped My PC Tower, It's FU*KED And So Am I

    i was moving my pc tower from one place to another, i lifted as normal but the faceplate popped off and when it hit the ground it rolled like a fricken ball. I acted like it was nothing and casually turned it on but it just beeped, of course i unplug it to examine it. EVERYTHING WAS F*CKED. The...
  • Nerdtendo 6

    It's birthday time again

    I had thought I had done pretty decently as a person this year until about a month ago when I realized I'm a self righteous jerk but whatever. This isn't about a pity party. This is about becoming a better person this year and being a blessing to everyone I meet. Will I be perfect? Nah, but I...
  • Chary 40

    I'm starting to regret giving my dad a cell phone

    It's 2019, and my dad still mostly lives as if it's 1980. Though he's been slowly, slowly, trying to learn how to use a laptop, that's his only modern luxury. Seeing as how my dad dad, with all the quirks involved in his personality, I decided to grant him an upgrade to the 1990s:...
  • ShadowOne333 16

    A Major Mistake...

    Time goes by, and without a doubt sometimes you end up meeting people that could mean nothing, and others that can mean all to you. After the horrible events I have experienced in past relationships, where the other person was nothing but harmful towards me, and shared nothing but a dry feeling...
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